About Me

Insert motivational quote here – Life is about the journey NOT the destination!


Me (2)
Hey! I’m the whimsical, uncoordinated and overthinking Jess!
I am also a Leo, I like long walks on the beach, dancing in the rain…OK lets skip the #clicheintroduction
On the 21st March 2016, I lost my job, I lost my boyfriend (then regained him), I lost my house and all my money… Then I moved from the city to a small mining town (where I knew 1 person)…and well that story is still going.
Oh and did I mention along the way came the big and ever wonderful “AHA moment – everything that has happened up until now, actually means I have a clean slate… *gasps*.
I guess I best find my purpose huh?!
So how about you follow me as I (try to) navigate my awkward Jess plane on this big never ending journey we call life!


Disclaimer: Sarcasm and wit or alternatively, frustration and foot stomping do not help you find your purpose – I already tried…