What happened next?

I left you with “could it get any better?”… not yet!

The day after I lost my job my boyfriend put me on a plane to stay with him in Moranbah (a small mining town 2 hours west of Mackay), he was worried that, if left to my own devices, I would end up overthinking everything and become a mess…whilst sitting on the floor with a glass of wine… (very possible, lol).

He has a cute house and I had always felt happy there, so there definitely wasn’t any arm twisting. So I settled in and thought, I may as well start enjoying my unemployment. Have a well earned break. I bought some pretty dresses, books, got my hair done and pretty much just spoiled myself for the first time in FOREVER. I was feeling pretty confident. I had this. Everything would be fine!

I had been here for a couple of weeks before the sh*t hit the fan, I had applied for what seemed like 100 jobs. Both here in Moranbah and in Brisbane. I was getting no where. I had no idea what I was going to do with my job and with my life really. Where was I going to live? What job was I going to get? My small payout was getting lower and lower and due to our wonderful friend Mr TAX… I had lost half my payout straight up already. My best friend moving out of our house and in with her man, so I had an apartment in Brisbane I was paying full rent for (now on my own) which I knew was coming BUT finding another housemate was actually harder than first thought. I then found out that my partner hadn’t been so truthful about some personal information and well I put my self on a plane back to Brisbane. We broke up.

This is when my world starting to come crashing down around me.

So I was back in Brisbane on the Tuesday and I started to get the flu the very next day….(oh great!) On Thursday, my Mum arrived in Brisbane (for a huge family re-union), and we had a not so great first night. MUCH of the past was brought up and became pretty raw. My flu then turned into a raging horrible sickness but I couldn’t stay in bed. I had a WHOLE weekend with family who had travelled from everywhere to see each other. I literally HAD to soldier on, (but of course I wanted too for family). Stress was at an all time high.

By now I was really starting to go down hill and late Thursday night after the issues with Mum, I caved and (with the influence of a few too many wines & my cloudy flu brain) I messaged my (now) ex and asked him to come to Brisbane. I leaned on the one person I shouldn’t have. I was so lost without support…without his support but we were not partners anymore.

He got straight on the plane the very next day.

That weekend was a blur of cold and flu tablets, laughs, catch-ups, old stories, Aunties, Uncles, a confusing non relationship, some overdue family time & a constant worry that always sat at the back of my mind about my future…

Mum went home Monday, and then the next day… so did my non boyfriend.

And now it was just me… in an apartment I couldn’t pay for, with barely any money, with no job and what seemed like…..no hope.

*Part 3 coming soon*




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