A chapter was ending…

Scene: Me, a half packed apartment & a cat….

The week following my intense weekend I had an apartment filled with boxes….the time had come. She was moving out. My best friend was moving in with her boyfriend. *Sigh* Of course I was happy for her, but I was also sad she was leaving.

I (thankfully) ended up busy as we bundled up all her stuff (and the cat). There was alot more than we realised. Originally she was only staying for 6 weeks or so… but it ended up being 4 months. We had moved in together after both our housemates had moved out around about the same time & neither of us could find new ones. So one late night shopping trip to the all wonderful Kmart (no judging) we just said stuff it…lets live together! It solves a problem for both of us!

Rewind a little: Sarah and I met in London circa 2009. We were both working at an “Aussie backpacker bar” having the time of our lives. We had just clicked from day 1. After London we kept in touch over the years and when I ended up in Brisbane for a new start in 2013, we were inseparable. We ended up living in the same apartment building. She was Number 5 and I was number 1 (yep, we were living the dream). We had a awesome spot in an inner city suburb. We walked together in the mornings, popped in whenever… you know… to “borrow sugar”as neighbors do, we spent many an evening after work laying on the floor having wine and D&M’s, we had each others keys and we were walking distance from too may bars (which we frequented alot in the early days, haha). It was a magical situation. She had moved into the building first after landing a great job in Brisbane and moving up from Sydney. I had moved in about a year later after living with my parents for while since moving from Newcastle (NSW) to Brisvegas. We had so many amazing moments in that apartment. We grew as women, became stronger and both really found our feet. Her leaving felt like the beginning of the end…..(and little did I know it actually was – but more on that later).

So now you understand my sadness of her leaving…

The week flew by and just like that…. she was gone… my constant companion from the last 3 years. My go to girl. The girl who always made me laugh. The one who introduced me to red wine. The girl that would talk about the why’s of life whilst I would sing into a hair brush. The girl who always had my back…and taught me to stand up for myself. The little lady who’s presence just gave me joy…was gone.

Wow was I confused then! What was honestly doing with my life? Am I staying in this apartment? Will I get a job? If I stay, will I find another housemate? If I get a job, will it pay enough to live an inner city lifestyle? What will happen with my relationship, or lack there of?

The next week I got a call about a job I had applied for in Moranbah when I was there….

It suited me (and my skillset) to a T. It was based locally (so was my ex) but I was determined to not let it affect me. I booked flights and had the interview, it went swimmingly, probably the best interview so far. My ex and I were still on speaking terms so I stayed with him whilst I was there and it gave us a chance to talk, really talk. We had decided to try and work things out. There was just too much love there. I wasn’t ready to walk away from everything…and he wasn’t going to stop fighting for it and would be waiting for as long as I needed him too. So we went old school. We starting writing letters, having skype dates. Taking it slow.

The next couple of weeks were utter sh*t though. I had used the last bit of money I had to buy those flights for the interview (for the job that was mine, until an internal employee put in a late application and won, because of course….”she already knew the systems”), I sat around, I applied for jobs I wasn’t interested in, I ate basically 2 minute noodles everyday (cause that was all I could afford), I tried painting, tried to keep walking each day but basically I just wallowed.

Then my ex called and asked if it would be ok if he came to Brisbane to take me on a first date…

*Part 4 to follow*




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