Falling in love…again – PART 1

Catch up: Then my ex called and asked if it would be ok if he came to Brisbane to take me on a first date…

I didn’t know what to say at first. We were going slow and I had liked that. Seeing each other the weekend after we broke up, although I needed the support, left me with anxiety of moving WAY to fast and quite frankly I also just needed to give myself a little more time to come to terms with everything. Everything that had happened in my life over the recent weeks, not just the break-up.

On the other hand though, he is a persistant little buggar. And secretly, I very much enjoyed how much effort he was putting in and also how much he was staying true to his words. He loved me and he would fight for me. I’d never had someone fight for me before.

So of course I agreed to the date.

The days went on and we kept in touch, planning our date and for the first time in weeks, I had something to look forward too. What had started out as a dinner date, or a stroll around Southbank…then turned into a night at a nice hotel in the city – as a treat for me since I had been so stressed lately and also because he would need accommodation anyway. He really was a true gentleman. He wouldn’t stay with me, as he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable and if we had a hotel, he would either book 2 rooms or at least book a room with a sofa.

The more we talked the more we realised that separately we both had issues we were dealing with too, and in order to give this new relationship a chance, maybe we could look at a couples retreat or some counselling?

So after taking to the net for some researching, we stumbled across Spicers Tamarind Retreat in Maleny (Sunshine Coast). The website showed us a little slice of heaven and Aaron booked straight away (and added in a few extra bonuses that I would find out about later). We both then had the gruelling task of waiting. Haha. There was still a week and a half to go…which for me meant, more days of doing shit all and eating 2 minute noodles. At least he had a job to keep him busy.

FINALLY, the time came for me to collect him from the airport. What a funny little moment that was. We were genuinely 2 nervous teenagers both with zero idea how to react or what to say. Do we kiss? Do we hug? Do I tell him he looks hot? (he’d had a haircut on the way down & DID look hot) HAHA. It was honestly hilarious and our nervousness broke the tension perfectly. So off we went!

Our journey started with a drive north towards the Sunshine Coast to our retreat in Maleny, and what a start it was…! About 10 minutes in, we hit traffic at a stand still! An accident had occurred on the main highway and the sign advising of this, was also advising the crash had occured at an exit MANY km’s ahead of where we were currently at a stand still *humph* we’d be here for hours! But he wouldn’t have any of that, and with trusty google maps in hand he instructed me to take the next exit (since I was driving) and navigated us “the back way” BUT traffic was still barely moving…. it was hot and we were starting to lose patience.

So I embodied – Hakuna Mata… no worries! I had to keep us happy but I was failing. Aaron was overly anxious, which was making me anxious but I knew there was something else going on and after much coaxing I found out that he had wanted to be there by 5pm (for one of the bonuses – which turned out to be a MASSIVE bunch of roses and a bottle of champagne on ice being delivered to our room).

As it became VERY clear we weren’t get there anytime soon, we relaxed and gave into the traffic and started to chat, finally letting out hair down. I  got to find out early that another one of our bonuses was a trip to the Mooloolaba Aquarium the following day where we would be swimming with the seals – COOL!

So our trip was supposed to take 1.5 hours MAX. We were over 2 hours in and traffic was still barely moving and the sun was starting to go down. We had a successful detour inland and come back to the highway positive we were good from here on in. Then we came to another accident. Traffic was moving at least but at snail pace. Oh FFS!

Was the universe trying to give me a sign or something? Its been such a rocky start…were we ever going to make it?

*Part 5 soon*














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