Falling in love…again – PART 2

Are we there yet?

Finally 3 and a bit hours later, in the complete darkness we arrived at our retreat and just in time. We had made it to reception just before they closed and thank god we did, as we had the opportunity to experience our first taste of the utter exquisite customer service that would follow us over the next 4 days.

Oh and yes, it wasn’t just an overnight trip. Aaron had booked 3 nights…

So keys in hand, we unpacked the car and wheeled our suitcases along the dimly lit cobble path to our villa. All the villas were spread out across the property and nestled in between the trees and bushes, so we had to wind along the paths to find our little slice of paradise.

When we finally found where we were meant to be (yes, dimly lit paths can be romantic but also a bit troublesome when trying to find the little sign that has #2 written on it), we walked up the front steps to a quaint little balcony and to our left another little area framed in glass doors… and there it was! The big round wooden hot tub. The one thing we were probably looking forward too the most. The pictures on the website just didn’t do it justice! It seriously looked it should be sitting on the balcony of a mansion over looking snow capped mountains or something – haha! Well thats where my head went when I looked at it anyway.

Little did we know though, the spa was JUST the start… we opened the door to the villa with dropped jaws. The TV was playing a beautiful jazz number with a little welcome note displayed for us, the table had an enormous bunch of red roses and champagne in a bucket of ice (thankfully still relatively frozen – we were over an hour late for the original arrival time), the fire was prepped with wood and paper ready to be lit, there were books and magazines to be read, the kitchenette was stocked with coffee pods and snacks, the cupboards had robes and slippers…it went on and on, this place had thought of EVERYTHING.

As we continued to wander through the villa we found an enormous double shower and a cute little bedroom with (and I am not joking you) LEGIT shag pile carpet ( yes, I did giggle) plus a massive king bed, which felt like a fluffy cloud of cuddle when you laid down and THE most luxurious pillows you ever placed your head upon.

We certainly weren’t in Kansas anymore, LOL…but how were we ever going to leave this villa?!

Well that thought did last long…because of course we would leave the villa, for…THE SPA! So we dumped our bags, grabbed the champagne and headed outside.

Shit…here come those teenage nerves again. Here is a bit of the monologue going through my head: “Do I wear swimmers or be brave and wear…nothing? Pfft, he has seen it before anyway.. But its different this time? We aren’t together anymore… but we are trying to work things out and we are in this romantic place Jess… but what if the spa’s too hot? Will it be clean? What if other people see us? Oh wait I brought candles, I should light them and add to the ambiance…” I guess you catch my drift.

We ended up having an amazing time in the spa. We finished our bottle of champagne, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we relaxed again, we….well I guess you catch my drift.

And then we slept and it was an all consuming, finally together again, can breathe a sigh of relief, maybe everything could be ok…. all nighter. My first proper sleep in months!

The next morning we woke to find we were literally surrounded by nature, it was equal parts beautifully peaceful and also full of life from local birds and wildlife, oh and the property was just picturesque. We also found out that breakfast was included in our package, so we got changed and headed down to the restaurant (hand in hand).

And yes, in case you we wondering, the romantic getaway clicheness continued.

Our restaurant was magical. It was full of tables draped in white linen table cloths, sculptures and local artists had their paintings strewn across the walls, the back doors folded out to over look out the rainforest surrounding the property, trees everywhere and also a little hut with lounges and coffee tables..and yep, of course it was surrounded by a pond and a little trickling water fall – cliched perfectly.

*Gasps of awe*

But it kept going. “Pick any where you want to sit your breakfast is hot AND cold” our waitress told us (who was also the lovely lady who had checked us in the night before). She took our drink orders, we selected our “hot” option from the menu and we were served wih a big fruit platter including greek yoghurt, honey, fruit toast & raspberry coulis.

It was at that moment, I forgot everyone around me, I was zen!

Swear to god, if a unicorn walked past me right now, I would have believed it and I probably would have said Hi.

So, was it the spa last night? The first amazing sleep in months? The fresh fruit? The yoghurt with honey? The waitress that delivered a green tea that tasted like heaven?

It was all of the above! So I sat there and smiled till it hurt. I ate, I drank, and I smiled some more, we finished the fruit platter and moved onto the mouth-watering hot breakfast.

And then I looked up and Aaron had tears in his eyes…

*Part 6 coming soon*











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