Falling in love…again – PART 3

And then I looked up and Aaron had tears in his eyes…

So here’s the monologue going on in my head: Oh god he is upset…why is he upset? Did I say something? Was I too happy? Shit does he not like his meal? Speak Jess, you are staring!

“Whats wrong babe?”

“I am just so happy to see you happy…”

*Gasp* I am speechless (a big feat for old jabber jaws over here). He tells me he didn’t know if we would work out and how hurt he would have been if he had lost me to his own mistakes, and that this retreat was potentially our last chance. But seeing how happy I was, being this zen, had made me the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he was in awe.


I am still speechless.

Eventually I am able to gain normal human behaviour and some how finish my breakfast…after a big goofy grinned thank you of course and then with an extra spring in our step we head back to the villa to pack our backpacks, ready for our day swimming with the seals at the Mooloolaba aquarium. But before we go I get to find out another bonus was massages for us both the following day and after looking through the compendium in the villa and reading the full menu, we stopped by the Day Spa and swapped to the “His & Her treatment”.

The weather is pretty average when we get there but thankfully not cold. Aaron is almost busting out of his seat belt to get into the aquarium. Side note: he is a GIANT fish nerd. I mean LORDY lord. GIANT fish nerd. We walk through the aquarium and he has (of course) been here before, so he is A. Tour Guide & B. Fish expert. I am honestly surprised at just how knowledgeable he is. I mean, he not only knew that this fish is named Nemo but that it is also a clown fish. Wow. I am joking he is alot better than that…he knew Dory was a Blue Tang too 😉 (yes I am joking again).

The day progresses and we end up waiting for everyone to get a photo with the seals before we can swim with them. They tell us, we will have the place to ourselves (wonderful for a lady who doesn’t particularly like anyone seeing her, in her swimmers) turns out we have people watching us…but the experience is so awesome, who cares if they see the cellulite on my legs.. I mean geez the seal next to me weighs over 200kg! Oh and we didn’t just swim with them,we learnt ALL about them, we visited the feeding room and we also met a baby seal *eeeep*.

After a big day, we ended up having an early dinner in Mooloolaba and headed home. Only to get dressed and hit the bar for a night cap. We met an awesome laid back waitress who gave us tips on the retreat then we hit the hay early….not before some…well I guess you catch my drift.

Day 3 was an exploration of our surroundings day & some serious pampering. There was a waterfall behind our retreat and also the local town was a treat! We explored the waterfalls, took photos and walked through the town before it was time to get our pamper on.

This was almost my favourite part of the whole trip. My manly man was SERIOUSLY out of his comfort zone, and I was a little worried but he assured me that if this gave me the same smile I had at breakfast the day before, it was worth it.

So here come the cliches, the Day Spa was beyond words. You literally pass stepping stones over a pond filled with fish and lotus pad’s just to get to the entrance. The reception was tranquil and the staff were angels. Oh my a girl could get used to this!

We were taken into the “couples” treatment room and asked to change into our robes and down to our undies….and then it happened….the face I will never forget.

Aaron turns around as we are heading out of the room to have a foot spa, and his face is utter FEAR. ( Man oh man did I have an internal giggle going on). He is WAY out of his comfort zone. He has NEVER done this before. I assure him it will be ok and that I don’t mind if we leave now but he is determined to keep going. So we head to the other room for a foot spa before we are back into the treatment room for 60 minutes of heaven.

We walk out of the Day Spa high as kites. We are so dang relaxed, it isnt even funny. Thankfully we have a couple of hours before our dinner reservation that night, so we can chill and enjoy the post treatment bliss!

Oh dinner. Oh dinner. Its a Thai infused menu at the same restaurant we had breakfast in. My manly man is again out of his comfort zone, but surprisingly we are seated and served by our favourite waitress from the night before. She walks us through the menu and we settle on entrees, mains, desserts and alcohol that matches each dish. OMG!

The night is full of smiles, laughs, hand holding and the food is mouth watering. The staff are down right amazing and we are almost sad to leave but were definitely ready for bed (and everything else that follows – yes…I over shared).

The following morning, after having learnt the night before we had the option to have breakfast delivered, I said come on, lets sleep in and enjoy breakfast here. So we did.

As we sat together over breakfast, everything seemed normal again. Having breakfast together had always been my favourite thing to do as a couple. It was so simple, but always meant so much. He would read his paper, and I would chat away about the weather or a book I had recently read. I was just a time where even if life was busy, we slowed down and enjoyed each others company.

And then it was out of my mouth before I had even realised I thought it.

“Will you be my boyfriend?”

*Part 7 coming soon*











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