The end or the beginning?

I was devastated. I was vulnerable. I had hit the bottom.

BUT that meant there was only up from here….

Pfft…we’ll see!

The day before the move, Aaron (my boyfriend) took me shopping for a new dress. He had booked us on a Brisbane River Cruise the following night as a last hurrah to Brisbane and also something for me to look forward too (or just to get me to smile). Little did I know I would SO need that cruise after the events of the next day and that we would nearly miss it too.

It was a spur of the moment shopping trip too and I was still in my “active wear” after I had spent the whole morning packing (yes, I was still packing the day before). We wandered around and visited a few shops and I was becoming more and more depressed, with nothing looking good or fitting right and due to my lovely “active wear” outfit, I was feeling more and more out of place! *humph*.

Then we found this little boutique store with a 50’s eccentric flair. Aaron and I had always wanted to visit a store like that because A. He wanted me to look like a curvy pin up girl (definitely a fantasy there)  & B. I loved the fun of it, and the way he just got excited at the thought of me dressed up (yep serious fantasy there) PLUS we were going on a old steam boat – we totally would look the part! Mainly though, we just went in for good humor. As a surprise to us though, we ended up finding some great stuff and the ladies who worked there were so attentive and made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Something I REALLY needed after the previous stores! I was straight in to try them on.

We spent at least an hour there, whilst I tried on different outfits and paraded them in the funkiest change room – filled with ambient lighting, giant mirrors and plush red velvet curtains, all whilst Aaron sat in the ‘boyfriend’ chair that was casually positioned next to the change room behind a cage door (I am not joking!)

Then finally I found THE dress and it wasn’t even one I chose, the ladies had recommended it based on my curves and it was perfect! But they hadn’t finished with me yet, I was standing in front of the mirror admiring the dress when they brought in a necklace and belt…and added them to the look….2 simple extras but WOW. If it wasn’t great already….it was ridiculously great now! I was a red peplum type dress with black spots, it showed off my little waist and had mesh under the skirt so there was a flair at the bottom. It had a lace top around the bosom area and it was finished with a simple thin strap. My necklace was a choker and it draped in layers like a chandelier, the belt was velvet with a bow that matched the bottom of the dress. I FELT 100 million dollars wearing it and someone (aka my fantasy boyfriend) thought I LOOKED 100 million dollars wearing it and so bought it straight away *swoon*.

Then he let me dress him (mouth drop). And of course I needed him to match me. We found an outfit including suspenders (and his first ever dress jacket) in much less time than me, haha. Damn we looked dapper!

Fast forward to Friday afternoon…the move had taken us the whole day and we had to be at the dock for the cruise by 6:30pm. We finally finished and it was after 5pm. After the call with the Real Estate, I was frazzled and after heavy lifting all day, Dad and Aaron were stuffed (I still haven’t been able to thank them enough for that day).

BUT we still had to make it back across the city (and fight traffic), check into the hotel, shower, change (do make-up and hair – for me), then get a taxi to the dock by the cut off time. Panic set in, we weren’t going to make it! So we said goodbye (and thank you) to Dad and took off.

Traffic was horrendous, I reckon 89% of out time left was spent getting from the storage unit to the hotel but we kept reciting the mantra of “we got dis” over and over – like some how it was going to make us get there in time. We prepped our mission in the car and we had managed 2 x showers (one each), changed and done hair, make-up and were completely ready in a serious 10 minutes flat! Then to tackle the traffic again in our taxi :/ We got half way there wonderfully, then we were at a stand still. I was panicking. I was already a ball of anxiety. We’re not going to make it. I was stressing. I made poor Aaron call the Cruise company from the taxi and let them know we were late! He was calm as cucumber. We made it with under 5 mins to spare. *wipes brow – phew!*

The cruise was great! It was a beautiful old steam paddle boat and thankfully the rain had stopped, so we were able to enjoy the view from decks. We were the only ones dressed up so we had many “Oh you look lovely” comments and a few admirers too 😉 haha. It was really great and I finally loosened up, enjoyed the great food, the alcohol and the hilarious large Maori entertainer & MC.

And then the night was over and with a blink it was Saturday and time to pack the car and hit the road.

I hadn’t said goodbye to anyone as I was only going to stay for a while whilst I looked for a job. I wasn’t moving here officially.

Or was I?

*Part 9 coming soon*













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