The Martha Stewart Phase…

It was the start of a new chapter.

A start of the unknown.

A second chance.

The 1st of May was my first official day as a Moranbah-ian (that’s a word right?!) and of course it was official because I had updated my Facebook page…jokes – it was actually my first day living here.

Now what?

For the first week, I cleaned the house from TOP to BOTTOM, not because it was dirty but because I am a little OCD and I need a clean space. Plus, Aaron had gave my free reign to make myself at home. That was a little easier said than done though. I had only brought with me what I could fit in my car, which is an i20…so not a whole lot. Basically clothes and a few knick knacks. The rest was still back in storage.

What I would later know was definitely a bad thing, was that my new house had Foxtel. Oh the variety! So I quickly fell into a binge on TV show slump – mostly Kardashians (oh the shame!). Then I found River Cottage Australia. ( Here is what wikipedia says – River Cottage Australia is an Australian adaptation of the English franchise of the same name. The series sees former chef Paul West showcase local produce and farming while attempting to live in a self sufficient manner).

From that moment I was hooked!

So I embarked on my Martha Stewart journey. I was finally living in a house and not an apartment, so I had a proper kitchen, I had a garden, I even had a dang laundry room for peaks sake. And since I didn’t have a ‘proper’ job yet, I unofficially gave myself the house wife (on steroids) job.

And here is a little of what I got my self into:

– Hanging strawberry plants. This was inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens episode (planting strawberries) and a trip to Kmart (hanging pots). I got my pots on special for $5 too – BARGAIN! #lovekmart

– Sourdough bread! But I was going to make it right from scratch including growing my own starter (A sourdough starter is how we cultivate the wild yeast in a form that we can use for baking) Yep, I was even making the yeast from scratch – alright Martha don’t show off. now This task was NOT small though – probably Martha’s karma for showing off! The starter needed feeding EVERY day (basically mixing equally parts flour and water together then removing half then repeating the first process) This lasted about 2 weeks. Ugh, but I remained positive & my partner told me he doubted I would succeed but he would congratulate me if I did – so I kinda HAD to win the bread making game – just to say NER NER to Aaron. Dang, it smelt sour by the time it was ready. Yes, I was a little worried I had made a BAD mistake, and of course the boyfriend made numerous smart arse comments whenever it wafted his way. So after 2 weeks it was ready but then comes the next step (the rising, the proofing etc) which involves another bloody 48 hours. Ugh! BUT the bread looked great, it tasted AMAZING but it didn’t rise enough. Oh well. I still got to say ner ner. Haha.

– Roast cooked under the BBQ – DAMN this was a good one. I had never cooked a roast on the barbie before so I was already excited (yes I am behind – but hey…I just was always on the eating end of the roast). We had to constantly experiment with the temperature and keep an eye on it but the end result was mouth watering!

– Vegie Garden & Compost. This one was fun and funny. We had found a good spot to start but the ground was basically all clay. Damn it, but after some trusty research on google and a trip to the garden shop later, we had what we needed. I still wanted to get my hands on some manure though. Now in the Bah, we have a community FB page that it equal parts useful & an endless amount of entertainment. So what the heck, I’ll ask where I can get manure on there? A lady comments, she owns horses and says come on over and get as much as you want for free, so I rustle up some buckets and the boyfriend and we head over and shovel some sh*t – haha – gotta love community help.

On top of the above, I also baked pies, painted, made/fixed things, set up an office in the lounge room, hung pictures, read books, OK, I think by now you get the jist of my endless Martha days. On top of my experimenting I also – in Aarons words “Run a tight ship around the house” and “everything’s always done”.  Everything is always done coincidentally was (and still is) also his excuse for not helping as much….lol. His argument is that he never has a chance to do the washing because I have always already done it. Yeah alright buddy, pull the other one.

But as the weeks went on, I was growing tired of being Martha. I was applying and applying for jobs and I was getting no where. I just wanted a job already.

*Part 12 coming soon*


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