Silver Lining

So I got an interview. Hell yea!

Funnily enough, I had actually started making plans to fill my empty days. I was going to drive to Brisbane to visit family and help out with my little sister whilst my parents worked. Basically that was more of a win for me because I LOVE spending time with her.

After that if I had enough money, I would keep travelling south and visit my Mum, Brother and Niece. I would stay there and waste some more empty time but enjoy my family instead of going insane stuck at home whilst Aaron was at work for 12 hours per day!

When they called me I had an interview the following week, so all those plans went out the window, which was worth it (of course) for the possibility of employment.

But then I had 5 days to wait and shit that’s annoying.

So I sat around and literally did NOTHING. I was an absolute expert at it. Thankfully the day finally came and off I was to my interview!

I went in without optimism, without positive vibes, without confidence.

I just went in as ME. If they liked who I was, then they would hire me. I believed that the experience on my CV was good enough. I was good enough. I had new references and I had a new outlook.

The interview went interestingly. I arrived and they told me that the manager who was interviewing me hadn’t landed in Moranbah yet, as his plane was delayed. The mine is also 35-40 minutes drive from airport. Then I had to wait whilst the security guy rang around. I was literally getting the feeling that I would have to wait till he landed and drove to site :/ That could be ages!

Finally they found another manager (which is actually my direct manager now – so it was fitting that he interviewed me since I would report to him anyway).

It was a great interview. It was a newly created role, so we would all be finding our feet along the way. I ended up having a great old chat about the area, cars, my old job. It was great. I walked out feeling like I had just caught up with friends.

The next day they called and offered me the job – but couldn’t proceed until I had an induction course and medical.

Then the panic set in. I needed a Standard 11 Induction ($650) and a Coal Board Medical ($300) before I could start. I needed them now. I had ZERO money to make that happen. I applied for funding. It was declined. I wasn’t unemployed long enough. WTF?!

Family to the rescue. I was lent the money required and called to book into the course. It was Thursday though. So I had to book in the following Monday. I had already rang around the day before (thank god) and checked out whether they had a course available here in my town. They did. I was quoted the price too. I was set. I booked online and followed her instructions to email them and confirm the dates since I was booking so last minute.

When I got a receipt via email but no details on what time the course started etc. I rang to confirm….by chance she said the course name. My heart dropped. She had booked me into the wrong course. Quoted me the wrong course. I had booked the correct course online but they had cancelled it as there was no bookings.












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