What happened next?

As you can imagine I was beside myself. I finally had been given a job and now this!

Why universe are you throwing me more road blocks?

So thankfully my better half was home, but the poor guy had just come off night shift and was asleep….until I went in there and woke him up as I was a mess.

I had just lost almost all the money I had borrowed, the refund would take up to 5 business days, I still needed this induction in order to start the job I was just offered and now I couldn’t pay for it!

F*CK again!

But what does Jess end up doing? She panics, causes a fight with the boyfriend who is trying to help calm her down and then cries…. *face palm*

So after I stormed off crying and then calmed down. I return to once again to wake up Aaron and ask him to help me work out how I can fix this situation (which he was trying to do in the first place but I was too worked up). Oh what we put our partners through.

Once I am feeling more level headed, and my amazing boyfriend is helping my with funds, I make a million calls and find there is a course in Mackay – 2.5 hours from my town, the following week, which means I also have to sort accommodation as it is too far to drive there and back each day for a 2 day course BUT finally I am booked in. I then have to call and let HR know that I cannot start when I originally told them as this (damn head ache of a) course is now almost a week later.

Thank the lucky stars though, as they were ok with the new start date and my start date is now set!

But just before you think all is sorted, and I am good to start….. there is no uniform ready for me. I need to wear hi-vis long sleeve shirts, long pants and a specific type of steel cap boots, and I to buy them ALL on my own! Oh for pete’s sake!. Can I catch a break on the financial front?

Cheapest shirts I can find are $60 each. FFS. I cannot afford that now. I have had to borrow up to my eyeballs already to get this far. So I give Facebook a go. I post on the local community page and a lady comes to my rescue. She lends me 3 shirts for free and I cannot thank her enough!

In the end with courses, accommodation, a medical, long pants, boots etc. It costs me over $1600 to start this job! Ugh! (and yes I kept all receipts and will be claiming it all come tax time).

So I should mention that my new job is about 45 minutes drive from my house, when I had my interview we discussed that I lived locally and I asked whether or not I needed to stay at camp or not, since it was offered as part of the job? They said no worries about going home, there are a few who live locally and drive to/from each day. So I thought nothing else of it.

When I speak to HR though, they have booked my into the camp. So after a discussion with Aaron we decide it would be a good idea to at least give it a go and see if I like it, plus if I am going to have long days, its better to have a room close by so I am not driving tired.

But now I am nervous! I have totally stayed at camp before, I come from a travel background but I always knew someone when I went. This time though I am flying solo and it was daunting! Plus I am going into an onsite role, in an open cut mine. I am a female in a “boys world”. Argh! Lol.

I had to laugh though, because I am definitely not the girl to gives up because she might be uncomfortable. I am the one who charges in head first and works out the rest later – haha!

I pass my medical and enjoy the crap out of my 2 day course, I am a bit of a nerd and love learning and to be honest the mining industry has been on my mind for a couple of years plus I had been wanting to learn more about what my partner does.


And so I am all booked to check into my room on Tuesday to start my new job on Wednesday! Aaron is at work, so I don’t even get to see him before I go. I am totally flying my own ship now!

And so, off she goes into the world of mining!








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